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Wing root/cabane strut fairings help?


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Jul 5, 2021
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I've been searching the threads, although maybe not deep enough, for anything I can find on some of the fairings we see on our planes. I know that these are mainly home built aircraft and the level of craftsmanship is wide. However I'm fixated on making my new to me Pitts as pretty and best performing as I can. If these conflict I'll cross that bridge later.
Currently my wing root faring is just some flat sheet metal wrapping the wing with some rubber j Chanel. This is pretty simple and maybe I should KISS, but.... I have seen a couple lately that were not only very sharp but also better long term solutions. I just ordered some more j Chanel as the bottom of the wing gasket has warped and twisted bad. I am guessing this will keep happening and it has to be causing a lot of turbulence I would think.
I am wanting to add cabane fairings and especially would like the upper banana wing attachment fairing as well. They just add a ton to the appearance but am I spinning my wheels from a performance standpoint? Is it worth it? I want her to be a beauty queen as well as a performer.

I will admit this is my first personal plane and although I want to build some day, I would rather be rolling in the sky than sitting in the hanger fabricating. I am capable as a professional home builder and hobbyist metal fabricator but does anyone have any tips on where I could find these.
If anything I would love to see photos of yours for inspiration!!

Attached a couple photos of what I currently have


  • wingroot.jpg
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  • cabane.jpg
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  • banana.jpg
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  • wing root rear.jpg
    wing root rear.jpg
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