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WTB First Aerobatic Biplane

Dec 31, 2022
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I'm in search of my first aerobatic biplane. I'm a low time private pilot around 300hrs. About 25hrs TW time. I've taken lessons in a Pitts S2B. I want something I can buy and fly 100+ hours a year in because renting at $400+ / hr. is a bit pricey. I currently own a Yankee AA1 that I'm not ready to sell just yet. I'm planning to upgrade to a larger hangar so I can fit a biplane in it along with my AA1.

I've been talking to a gentleman that is selling his AcroSport II with an O-320. He wants in the mid $30K for it. I will also have to invest in an ADS-B beacon and transponder and probably a new com radio. I like the idea of a two place plane so that I can get more instruction in the plane, meet the insurance requirements for time in type, and to be able to take friends for rides at some point. I'm also hoping to get into aerobatic competitions.

I'm hoping to keep my plane purchace under $30k so that I don't need to worry about financing. No loan payment = more money for fuel. Unfortunatey, I'm looking at spending about $40K to acquire this AcroSport II which means I'll need to get financing.

So is this AcroSport II the right plane for me? What other options are out there? Is anyone looking to sell in the next several months something that fits my mission?

Thanks Everyone!

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