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wtb: s1s, s1ss, or s1t


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May 29, 2013
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hiya - im new to this forum...

i just spent the week at tutima academy (tutimaacademy.com) doing the aerobatics proficiency training in an s2c with ken erickson - HIGHLY recommended! - and now i'm hooked. i wanna do competion, as a way of keeping in it, and am looking to buy my first Pitts.

btw, i currently own a turbo Mooney (mostly all IFR XC), and tow gliders in a Pawnee. i also fly gliders.

before the class i thought i'd want an S2 - and maybe I will someday - but now i'm thinking S1S or better. (btw, the s-1-11b is very tempting, too, but one owner talked me out of it for a first Pitts)

here's my current wishlist:
- wing: roundwing, 4 ailerons, SS prefered - the faster roll the better. opinions on Ultimate wings or other wing variants?
- engine: AEIO-360 or at least IO-360 preferred. ive seen some O-360's with pressure carbs, which is curious - opinions? any prefs on inverted oil systems, Lyc, Christen, others? basically i want a motor that can handle snaps and other gyros. does that mean AEIO only or are there other ways to get there? solid flange, for example, but what else?
- prop: lightweight composite would seem easier on the engine. metal the hardest. CS not required - Ben Freelove thought that extra weight in the S1T spoiled the balance.
- gear: i like the look of the RV-style spring gear and hear it's easier. all my tailwheel time is with steerables, fwiw.
- paint: ok, this seems minor, but i've always wanted the classic sunburst red / white Pitts. other great schemes are the blue/white/red that Tutima has on their s2's. also, i love the red with black/white swirling checkerboard ive seen on 11b's, eg aviats site.
- experimental is fine, almost preferred, really. that said, it's gotta be extremely well done - imho you can. tell a lot by the cockpit how much skill and care were applied...

any tips / opinions on buying, what to watch out for, what to get / not get, and any leads would be appreciated. right now there are a couple on barnstormers, but theyre in canada, which could be a pain and take a while to get through the bureaucracy.

thanks in advance,


John Miller
Mooney N4087H
KHIO, Portland, OR

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