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  1. McFly

    1986 Steen Skybolt - $40k OBO

    500 hrs TTAF, 180 hrs SMOH engine (Sept 2015), 130 hrs SMOH prop (Oct 2017), Lycoming AEIO-360-A1A (stamped 200hp) with high-compression pistons (extra hp!), inverted fuel and oil (Christen system), JPI EDM740, Hartzell constant-speed prop. This low time aircraft is ready to fly! It is currently...
  2. DC_Wolfe

    Steen Skybolt For Sale

    STEEN SKYBOLT FOR SALE • $49,000 We weren't expecting to sell the airplane, but as we are restoring a Stearman, so we had to make choices. The price is Pre-conditional, biplaneforum.com price. AS IS/WHERE IS (conditional due Oct). After the conditional the price will increase. Steen Skybolt...
  3. tgmorris

    Finally back building!

    I purchased my plans in 1991 but due to my life commitments, I have made very little progress in those 32 years. Everything you need to do on the plans is complete less the I-Struts and I have most components to build. I retired a couple of years back and just sold my Bonanza so now I have the...
  4. J

    Skybolt repair or parts

    For sale Skybolt that experienced landing gear to runway light. Complete aircraft except engine and prop. Pick up at 7B2 in MA. $4k obo. Contact for more info. Or photos. Jim (413) five three oh 2 four 97
  5. JJ Martin

    Skybolt Build

    Welcome in this thread I will be sharing the process of building my Steen Skybolt. I bought this project on August 14 and I wanted to share my journey along the way. Here are some photos of the trip picking up the plane. Oklahoma to Pennsylvania
  6. 0750655C-FCC3-46ED-9382-4084172C74E3.jpeg


    Top and Bottom ribs done, 1,750-+ pieces, 2 months time
  7. Skybolt fly-by fun

    Skybolt fly-by fun

    Just a fun little fly-by at the KMOD CAF Saturday lunch
  8. SSkybolt

    For Sale Russian AI-14R Prop & Hub 260 HP

    If you are thinking about using a radial on you Skybolt or Starduster, my engine would be a good addition for a great price. It has less than 100 hours, has logs, prop and hub. It is 260 HP and is used on the Yak 12, Yak 18a, PZL-101 Gawron, and also the Wilga. The propeller is standard length...

    N79BG KDVT Phoenix, Az

    Anyone know of N79BG or the builder, William "Bill" Grieme?
  10. rafranco

    Garmin GTR 200 - Intercom

    Hi Everybody, I have a Garmin GTR 200 ready for installation in my Skybolt. I have a PS Engineering PM1200 intercom coupled to my old radio. I was going through the GTR 200 manual plus some reviews and it looks like the built intercom in the GTR 200 should be suitable for an open cockpit...