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2008 Recap

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Jan 1, 2006
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Austin, TX
Here are the goals that I pasted from a post I made one year ago:

Goals for 2008

-go to Oshkosh
nope. (went to the biplane expo instead)

-have the fuselage on gear
nope. (still toying whether to use Groves or not)

-acquire engine mount and paint

-all 4130 primed

-all controls working

-plus whatever else I can afford/ fit in

-weld good enough to trust myself beyond tacking.
nope (but close).

I did deviate a lot however. What I did achieve was:

-made new instrumentpanelsand modified all instruments to white faces (huge undertaking it turned out).

-finished all aileron linkages plus slave strutsto completion including rigging, all primed and mothballed for final assembly

-built I-struts and I-strut lower attachbolts modifiedwith a tie-down ring, all primed and mothballed

-all wings rigged, drilled and set in stone,then disassembled the plane

-modified an existing fuel tank (added a fuel sender), primed and top coated, made new tank retaining straps, final dry fit then mothballed

-modified rudder pedals (added stops fore and aft), painted to top coat, now finished

-fitted upper wing center glassfairing (not an easy task..was a pain)

-finished center bow and center upper wing leading edge ply


Goals for 2009

It seems goals are meant to be broken, but here goes in no particular order:

-finish torque tube andelevatorlinkage up to paint

-finish all welding 'extras' on fuselage then paint it

-complete landing gear

-add floors or foot boards

-add seats and backs

-choose and fit an elevator trim mechanism

-fit a fuel valve with extender arm to rear pit (for top tank)

-fit tail wheel

Above all, I really want this thing on its gear and growling by the end of 2009, well, maybe not growling, since it probably wont have an engine yet, but you know what I mean.....

So, what did you do in 2008? And what are your goals?


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