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Ailerons finally fitted!

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Jan 1, 2006
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Austin, TX
I thought i was moving along nicely with the upper wing, until it came to fitting the ailerons...

Iwasn't expecting so much time consuming work! I reckon I spent as much time fitting/aligning/shimming/adding the aileron tip bows as I did building the whole wing thus far.

I had made the ailerons as a first baptismal sub-project 18 months ago, unwittingly, I had fixed the aileron trailing edge. Don't do this. Fit your trailing edges [aileron and wing]once your aileron is in situ - life will be much easier.


I also discovered that the lower aileron slave dog-leg brackets had somehow suspect bearings [maybe the hole wasn't right, so pwhen pressed-in they distorted..dunno]. One was very sloppy in movement, the other, extremely tight. These i had acquired from Steen, I sent them back last friday, they received them tuesday, and dispatched a new pair the same afternoon.

All I have to do now is turn over this upper wing monstrosity, glue on the spar caps, then it's time for the ply leading edge, then on to glueing the wings together at the splice joint and mess around with the gas tank...

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