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Alcohol in auto fuel

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Sep 1, 2006
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Noticed lately that there is almost nowhere to buy autofuel without at least 10% ethanol. Planes that use autofuel as an STC or in and experimental cannot use ETOH in the fuel. Is there an easy way to remove the ETOH?
Reason I ask---I've got a buddy with an older, high perfomance boat. He does not want to use ETOH in his boat----so, he's been taking a 5 gallon bucket---filling it to about 4 gallons with gas---then adding a gallon of water----sloshes it around and then lets it settle. Siphons off the gas and CLAIMS to wind up with about 1.4 gallons of water/etoh left behind.

Is this really doing anything, oris he full of hooey?

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