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Assessing Stainless Flying Wires

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Robin Tripp

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Sep 20, 2006
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As usual one thing leads to another. I am currently painting parts. I grabbed the javelins of the shelf to prep them. One was cracked and taped together. No problem, it’s wood, I can make another. Then I thought why is it cracked? Notice the crack started right in the 90 deg cut. My collection of parts had been stalled into the ground in a more or less level attitude. There is some wing tip damage on one tip, but I have not yet assessed the wings. If the javelin damage was a result of the flying/landing wires twisting to break it, this could get expensive. The wires had been taped together by the previous owner and I had simply put them up on a high shelf. I cleaned one wire and found no corrosion and it was straight. Several others have bends. Once again I can’t find a guide to assessing them. Most sources talk about corrosion, but nothing about bends. I know they are in tension, but what how much is stainless weakened by being bent? Is there a source of info. 43.13 seems to have nothing. Several wires are bent at the end. I also don’t know if the damage occurred during the crash or storage. Can they be straightened? I have no problem paying for new ones if required, but hate to condemn parts without concrete reasons.

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