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Biplane Air Racing Class (BARC)

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Sep 22, 2017
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Hello Biplaners,

With the announcement of the new venue for the NCAR in 2025 this is a good time to provide an update on where the biplane class sits. Most are aware that some drama in 2022 led to the implosion of the class and biplanes were sadly absent from NCAR 2023. The uncertainty around the future of NCAR furthered the dismay of biplanes and things were dormant for a while.

With a glimmer of hope from RARA and other racing league opportunities, interest from past class members welled up late last year and culminated in the election of new class officers and the incorporation of BARC as a not-for-profit organization. We’re now in the process of drafting bylaws, rules, tech rules and training materials. We’re starting basically from scratch - a new logo is in the works and a website too. It’s a lot of work but critical if we truly want to seek accreditation for our class and racers in 2025 and assure a future for biplanes in pylon air racing.

It’s encouraging to see interest from a few on here and we’ve gotten inquiries from a number of other newcomers to the sport. Part of the rebuilding process is drafting new rules and it appears the sentiment is there to greatly expand aircraft eligibility in the hope that a larger crop of S-2s and Eagles would create depth in the field. Those rules will ultimately go to a member vote (so if you have an emotional response about this don’t get too worked up yet), but the general idea is that more biplanes racing is a good thing - imagine seeing a Pitts 12 out there! Aerobatics certainly sharpen your skillset, but PRS and racing is a different experience altogether.

For those interested in joining the class please message me or Jeff or anyone else you know that’s currently involved. The bylaws will include the new membership structure so we can’t register you yet, but we’ll have details for new members soon and we’ll take your information for follow up.

That’s all for now - I’ll post an update when we’re able to process new memberships and of course if there are any other developments in the class or for PRS and NCAR 2025. Lots to be worked out yet, but the energy is there and we’re all excited to race next year.

🍻 Andrew

BARC Class Officers are:

President - Scott Thomson, Race 66
Vice-President - Kevin Harper, Race 69
Secretary - Jeff Rose, Race 23
Treasurer - Andrew McVicker (me), Race # pending an acquisition in process

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