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Building the pointy end

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Apr 13, 2007
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Jacksonville Fl.

I am again asking you all a question, I hope you don't mind. To go along with this I am attaching two pictures to show you where I am at this point.
Has anyone had first hand experience constucting the engine cowl, nose bowl, top and bottom panels and of course the hinged sections.
You can see I have only made the four aluminum formers or struts and clamped these to hold the nose bowl kind of in the correct place. It is all kind of sloppy right now.

PS. I don't know how many of you are at this point? Sit back and look atSteen's wonderful design form, It is something to admire. But with the front end on, when I look at the profile of this aircraft it looks very sleek, reminds me of a shark! Whoa' there I go again, getting all excited!:)

another PS. As to the ailerons. I am slowly working on these. I cut the preformed ply leading edges and this seems to be doing the trick. But still a lot of clamping. As the ply crests the top of the front formers, It has to beclamped down to the spar. I have some real hard wood to support the clamping 3/4 X 1 " maple. Nails don't do it.

Can't send the pictures! When I click on the icon the popup shows "Access Denied. Only members with sufficient permission can access this page".

Cheers. Eric, Atlanta

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