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Feb 23, 2018
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Hello Guys,

Aftermy post where I was looking for parts for our Skybolt somebody contacted me via Instagram and told me he saw my post here and might be able to help. He said he knows a dealer who helped him find the parts for his airplane project. He claimed to have a Stearman project. He then sent me the whatsapp number from the dealer. It is a whatsapp business accoount and in the description it says BAS Parts Sale.
He offered me all parts I was looking for. Skytec starter, SD-8 Alternator, EDM 830, Oil Cooler, ASI, G-Meter. He sent pictures of the parts. Pictures where some of the BAS website and some of google ... Thanks to the internet its easy to search for the origion of pictures 😄 Prices where all realistic and not those super cheap ones I allready saw from other scams.
He wanted payment via bitcoins ... first thing that made me sceptical. Then he has chosen a strange shipping company : EDF - HOME And said he sent the parts to them and they will ship it once he recieved his money ... I even got a email from this shipping company.
I told him I need a invoice before doing any payment. So he even faked an invoice from BAS Parts Sale !!!! With fake signiture of the BAS Sales manager ! After recieving the invoice I contacted the Salesmanager of BAS and he confirmed my suspect that this is a scam.
You cant imagine how much time and work they invested to scam me ! Its unbelivable ! Watch out.
I reported the guy who contacted me via Instagram, he stole the picture of some Car Dealer which I also found on Instagram and reported it to him also. He told me it has happened allready a few times that somebody stole his identiy ....

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