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Close to pulling the trigger

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Apr 15, 2008
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I'm close to ordering "early bird" plans for the Hatz Bantam. www.hatzbantam.com

I MUST have a radial engine. That's my #1 criterium. Mark Marino emailed me yesterday and said that, though his site lists the R2800 as an option, he really thinks it's too heavy and would cut into the useful load to an unacceptable extent. Instead, he suggested a Verner Scarlett 5 radial: www.flydiver.com The same 120 hp as the Jabiru at the same RPM and only 9 pounds heavier.

I can envision it with a tightly-cowled engine with groovy cowl bumps and everything. Right now the engine isn't much of a deal (though cheaper than the Jabiru) since the dollar is in a flat spin, but when that turns around the Czech-built Verner should be a great deal.

I could probably even get them to build one with the reduction gearbox to sling a little longer club....but then, that would mess up the weight again.

I can feel the pressure on the trigger.....

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