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Control Cable tools

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Jan 6, 2010
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Midland Ontario Canada
I recently had to replace all the control cables in a finished older airplane (1946), and thought this might be helpful if you need to do this.
I cut the cables a few inches from one end, attached a string, and pulled the cable out. I put one knot in the string, doubled it over, and put 2" of small heatshrink tube on it. That made it easier to use electrical tape to connect the string to the end of the cable with minimal "lump" so it would feed through any fairleads.
Made a clamp to hold the cut end on the long cable. You can see through the slot that the cable cut ends are together. This held very well and I put the cable on my cable jig and marked the length to make the replacement cable. Nicopressed one end. I made a clamp to hold the cable on the Thimble when pressing, it's not normally needed but in some positions where you need a third hand it helps. I left the cable a few inches long, then I wrapped the other end around a thimble and marked on the cable where the end came to. I drew the new cable back into the airplane with the same string, wrapped around a thimble, lined up the end with the mark and nicopressed. Then I trimmed off the few extra inches.
Cable cut clamp B.jpgCable cut clamp.jpgCable end clamp.jpgCable string heatshrink.jpg

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