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Delta Wing and Useful load Questins

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Jan 17, 2007
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Well I have been making spruce dust making ribs.. Things are going GREAT!! but while sitting there cutting all those sticks I started to THINK! (I hate when I do that!!!!!)

Anyway I started figuring what I will weigh after Christmas dinner (before my diet) and most of my paxs and figured that with chutes, we will run out of gas about the time we get from the hanger to the runway!! (Cheap Ride, and no throwing up but not that much fun)

So I started looking at some things. The std plans say 1650 acro and 1800 gross. My firebolt plans say 1700 acro and 2000 gross. The delta says 1800 acro and 2000 gross. The Radial says 2000 acro and 2250 gross.


I can see that Steen and Mac could be off by 50 lbs (compareing firebolt to skybolt) and I can see how the delta wing is much stronger haveing the shorter span.

But if the Radial is just a heavy bolt with a Delta wing, What makes it have a higher acro weight???

Also whats the definition of Acro?? I mean a corectly done roll is a 1 G manuver so can this be done at gross weight?? Is there a max G loading at gross weight???

My next question which could almost be a new topic at this point is other than the upper wing and the cabanes will anything have to change for the Delta wing???

before I started thinking I was always going with a standard wing, because I bought a project and the cabanes are all done. But for more usefull load, I think I could grind them off and build the delta wing. Anyone see any problems with that???? (other than the time)



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