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Die Spring Gear

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Apr 7, 2008
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A few weeks ago I asked about the gear width on my Super Acro 1. It was at 65 1/4" with considerable negative camber. A builder said the distance center of tire to center should be 70" so I jacked it up and took of the bungee struts with plans to extend them. The dist. bolt to bolt on the struts was the same after taking them off so it appeared they needed 1" to get the gear to 70". Then it was suggested the die springs from Wag. They say the springs are good to 2200 lbs, so my Acro at around 900 lbs., I made the die spring struts the 1" longer as I would have made the bungee struts. When I let the plane down, to my surprise, each die spring extended 1/2" on each end of the spring, 1" each. Now the gear is 72" center tire to ctr tire with a slight amount of positive camber. This of course is 2" more that is should be. Any ideas how it will effect handling? It appears the original length of the struts was correct and someone had put much too strong bungees not allowing the struts to expand with the weight of the plane and also making the landings very stiff and bouncy. Any thoughts will be appreciated


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