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Discussion: How to set up a one-car garage

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Jun 12, 2007
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Seattle, WA
Inspired by the EAA feedback forum, I'm going to try my hand at writing a technical article which we might submit to the EAA for inclusion in a monthly tech column.

My topic of choice is, "How to set up a one-car garage to build your dream plane." Because the article will need to appeal to the majority of builders (including kit builders, and including RV builders), I'm not going to make it very specific as far as tools or techniques, but more about getting organized, cleaning out, and setting up work areas.

The key points I think are worth covering (this is a rough outline of the article):

* Pick a space and be ready to dedicate it to the task for the long haul
* Completely clean out the old crap
* Dedicate tool/hardware/part storage areas (a place for everything, etc.)
* Build a perfectly flat/level/square main table
* Brief description of wheeled, four-sided tool table (grinder, vise, drill press, sander)
* Stress organization at the beginning of the process
* Specific storage ideas (wing panels on walls/in attic, etc.)
* Good lighting, both fixed and mobile
* Good power access (wall boxes every 6 feet)
* Good ventilation (particularly for the plastic plane crowd) with mention of epoxy allergies

That's what I can think of at the moment. That's actually probably a series of articles, rather than just one. It'd be pretty long, to cover all those topics in sufficient detail to be worth anything.

So, what am I missing? Of my points, what can you expand on? (Ie, specific ideas for storage, or tools, or organization; tips and tricks you've done.) I am not yet an airplane builder, so I have to depend on others to tell me when I get it wrong.

My idea is to write up a rough draft over the next few days, incorporating any ideas that show up here. I've read Bingelis's articles that hit this topic, but I'll probably try to read them again before I start. I don't want to copy his work, although it's pretty much inevitable in some ways. I'll post a link to my draft here, and ask for critique.

Let fly! (So to speak.)


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