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Double covering

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Aug 15, 2006
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Nashville, Michigan
I attended the Stewarts seminar at OSH during which they discussed double covering. According to them it only adds 2-3 lbs. to an AcroSport sized aircraft. I have seen several discussions on this forum concerning double covering but I was never interested because I thought the weight penalty would be too great. Now that I find out I was wrong I am way more gung-ho about it. Adding only 3 lbs. to my plane and not having to tape anything is an excellent trade off.
Unfortunately, Stewarts has not added a “double covering” section to their manual, they have nothing on their web site and they plan on keeping it that way for the near future. And, doubly unfortunately, I paid no attention to the various threads here because I was not interested at the time.
My discussions with Stewarts was during the T-6 formation fly-overs so communications were difficult at best. I am a little unsure of several things I thought I heard so what I would like to do is compile all relevant information on one thread so anyone searching this procedure can find what they need - one-stop shopping.
I will list the steps involved as I understand them. Please correct anything I have wrong and add any and all tips you may have on this procedure per your experience. I also have questions about painting double coverings like does it take more paint / is it harder to seal the fabric / etc.
Steps 1 thru 5 are pretty standard stuff. Steps 6 and 7 - - - is it really that simple ??
Thank you for your comments
Install rib bracing tape
Install anti chafe tape
Install first layer of medium weight fabric per standard procedure
Shrink to max temperature and install acetate inspection rings with pre shrunk doublers.
Install reinforcement tapes and rib stitching
Glue down edges of light weight fabric over first layer of fabric
Shrink to max temperature and done

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