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Sep 7, 2007
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<beejThese 4posts has been moved here to rekindle this subject:</beej

Randy said:
As far as I can see there are only four possible answers;

1) Don't belong to a chapter
2) Get elected to the "entertainment" officer and go for it
3) Start another chapter
4) Start an on-line chapter

LOL "entertainment" officer". That's describes that function!

"On-line chapter"......It sounds good, but....
Having the drudgery of maintaining that and getting volunteers or Officers to keep that going will be work in it's self.
We would have more information than any other Chapter online. Many would flock to that, and the format will eventually stray off course to encompass the Masses. And not to mention the "Hammer of the EAA" on the structure and content.

Here's my view....
I found this site by searching the web for Skybolt information. Looked at it awhile and joined.
I know aircraft, but not everything. I'm always looking for the "How to" or the "How to do it different". My Skybolt is almost done, but I seen there was a Builders Manual ("How to") that was being compiled, so I spent the $$. There's some good stuff in there!

We have it all set-up right now, here, the "How to's" in the Skybolt Builders Manual.
Information in the Manual can be gleaned to do a "Homebuilders How to" article section on this site. Look at the question's now from builders asking if the Skybolt manual would help them building their airplane.
Make it a pay access section, that would be around $5 to access. There will be a mass of people wanting access to that, once known. I wouldn't mind being part of that.

I'm sure Beej can have that ready in no time.
Oh, there needs a blurb shaking off the Liability of the section! ;)
Build it and people will come. ;)

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