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Eagle Project Update

May 11, 2017
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Chicago, IL
Well, it's been a while since I posted that I was building this thing. After a couple starts and stops, a move of the project closer to home, I feel like I am finally making progress. First, a quick overview of the state of the project when I acquired it about two years ago:

1. 100% of the bottom left wing complete. However, I need to remove, fabricate and install new 1 piece anti-drag blocks on the rear spars. The previous builder used the two piece blocks as the kit instructions called out.
2. 80% of the bottom right wing complete (really just leading edge skin and some misc things). I also need to redo the anti-drag blocks on this half as well.
3. I have kits 901-915. I have inventoried most of the kits (beyond the lower wing since those are essentially built) and probably have about 85-90% of everything. If I can't fabricate missing parts, I'll plan to buy what I am missing from Benny Davis first and if he does not have it, then Aviat. As a matter of fact, my very first post on BiplaneForum was to ask advice about the upper wing spars which had a small crack on the inboard end and as a result of the feedback, I ended up purchasing new upper wing spars from Aviat - better be safe than sorry.
4. Most of the ribs for the upper wing are complete.
5. The sheet metal turtle deck is complete.
6. All of the nut plates are all installed on the fuselage tube structure (as you'll see below, I had to drill them all out for media blasting and powder coating)

Now, this is what I have completed to date, not a ton, but about 250 hrs worth and much more to go:

Upper Wing
1. Purchased new front and rear spars from Aviat
3. I build all of the upper wing compression ribs. The previous builder built them, but not to allow for the 1 piece rear anti-drag block mod and plus, I just wanted to build some ribs. It was a nice project warm up activity for me.
4. Fabricated & drilled 1 piece rear anti-drag blocks, glued compression ribs
5. Joined the upper wing front and rear spars
6. Installed drag & anti-drag front & rear spar blocks and wires, adjusted tensions.
5. Currently installing strut attach reinforcements on rear spars (Kit 903 -> Volume 1 -> Unit E)

Other Activities & Purchases
1. I purchased a carbon fiber cowling kit, wheel pants and a upper wing center section aux fuel/smoke/etc tank. Just great craftsmanship from Benny and his team!
2. Performed the fuselage longeron modification using a kit fabricated by Benny Davis.
3. The fuselage tube structure had some hanger rash related light surface corrosion so I had it media blasted and powder coated at Metal Prep in Rockford, IL. They did a nice job, I also had them do all of the tail feathers and main landing gear. Before I took the fuselage to be media blasted & powder coated, I had to drill out all of the nut plates [sigh].

I have decided that I am going to go with Benny Davis fabricated carbon fiber leading edges for both the bottom and upper wings. I'll have to remove the aluminum leading edge from the bottom left wing.

I'm logging my project on the EAA Builders Log website which is free for EAA members. I'll plan to add updates to this thread as I progress through milestones or need advice :). Here's the link to the EAA Builders Log in case you like watching slow moving projects! https://eaabuilderslog.org/?s=EAGLEII

Thanks for reading my posts and if you have any suggestions, advice, etc. to a first time builder, I'm all ears. Thanks!

Bottom wings Freshly powder coated main gear and tail feathers Fuselage after being powder coated New upper wing spars from Aviat Some details on 1 piece drag/anti-drag blocks IMG_0213.jpeg Upper wing, close to where it stands right now IMG_0100.jpeg Benny Davis carbon fiber cowling and wheel pants

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