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Fatal Crash Today

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Aug 18, 2006
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We had a double fatality at LNA today that could have been prevented if the pilot had remembered his basic flight training. It was doubly traumatic for us at Bipe, Inc. because the Bonanza came close to flying through our hangar door as we stood there not believing what we were seeing! Here is what happened:
1. Pilot had just rebuilt his engine and was conducting a test flight.
2. He had a passenger on board!!!!!!!?????
3. He lifted off and the engine quit at about 100' altitude.
4. Straight ahead, he had a lake he could have ditched into.
5. Instead, he banks hard right with his nose high to try to make the taxiway. (I could count the rivets on his belly.)
6. And, of course, he stalls, wings over and crashes on the ramp, destroying a Cessna Skymaster and finally coming to rest under a semi with the engine about 200' further down the ramp. Fortunately there was no fire, probably because there was very little fuel spilled from the wreckage.

Now the media is characterizing LNA as a dangerous airport that should be shut down.

Remember: Engine failure on takeoff= push the nose over and pick your best landing spot nearly straight ahead. Don't try to return to the airport.

Stay safe everyone.



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