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Flying an EAA Biplane?


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May 29, 2009
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Springfield, WV

I've about completed the assembly and minor restoration of my EAA Bipe and am ready to contact my A&P for it's inspection....

Please, some pointers on it's take-off/flight properties.(125 horse) I've done highspeed taxi up to about 50mph and find it's ground handling very good. One thing I find somewhat "odd"? On initial throttle application/take-off roll, it take almost full forward stick to get the tail up? Maybe this is normal but as I recall my Pitts(150/S1C), I was able to get the tail up almost at once. I've done high speed taxi in Glen's AcroSportII up to about 60mph and found the same to be true of it. I suspect this is normal and these aircraft just are not a Pitts and I need to do it different... I just don't want to find something "odd" after I'm committed to flight..

I'd like comment and suggestions on take-off technique as I approach my first flights in both aircraft.



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