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FYI: Replacing S-1S wing with an S-1T wing

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Radial Skybolt Builder: 220.45% completed
Aug 21, 2006
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South Jersey
Saw this posted on the Acro email thread and thought it might help someone out, sometime.

Some was asked:
"asking if an S-1T wing will fit on an S-1S (there are some T wings for sale). I told him the top wings are different (half moon cut-out on the S, not on the T) but I hear the S lowers and T lowers are 'compatible'."

Answer from Steve Wolf:
"You are correct in that the top wing difference being the cut out at the hand hold, as were the T goes straight across. This will reduce visibility a little and make getting in and out slightly more difficult, but you can get used to it. The T has the symmetrical ailerons giving a roll rate of 240 instead of 180 degrees per second. The flying wire and bolt pattern for attaching the wings is the same. It would be best to replace both top and bottom wings so that the ailerons match and you get the benefit of the increased roll rate. "

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