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Interested in a Lyc O-360 case


Oct 3, 2012
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Not in a hurry but am interested in a Lyc O-360 parallel valve case.

I have a O-360-A4A crankshaft.

This is a solid crank shaft.

I don't necessarily want a solid crankshaft meaning the front main journal shaft where oil would pass through to a constant speed prop i.e. the cross section of the main forward nose of the shaft is solid.

It may be better for aerobatics swinging a fixed pitch prop around gyroscopically, and help with weight and balance if the airplane or driver is heavier in the rear.

The airplane I would be putting it in is certified and needs to be heavier in the rear. To the point of moving the battery back from the firewall to the tail.

The O-360-A4A configuration is going into a 1959 Square Tail Fastback C-150
with re-arced taller gear ala the original Jim Somerset / ACT Texas Taildragger STC kit with long range fuel.

So I am looking over time to start putting an engine together starting with this standard journal crank and need the case.

Or trade cranks for a hollow shaft. Haha still need the case.

May be interested in some chromed cylinders for it too.
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