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Little Toot 101

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Jan 10, 2009
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Hi all this is also my first post to biplaneforum and I'm sure will not be my last, as I have decided to build a "Big Twoot" as of September 2008. My journey started at AirVenture 2008 with all it has to offer, but one person kept on showing up in front of me. I'm not sure why this happened or if the forces in the universe were causing this, but heck I'm rolling with it.

The person I speak of is the one and only Tommy Meyer "Son of Toot". As you usually do at Oshkosh you meet someone, get to know a bit about them, and then they are gone. Tommy and his friend Bob on the other hand struck me as folks I needed to listen too, but I also got the feeling they honestly wanted me to realize my dream of building an airplane.
(Understand this meant any airplane notnecessarily a Toot).

So witha couple of e-mails after Oshkosh and Tommy insisting that I get down to Dallas, I scored a good airline ticket and made the trip. I did not go down to Dallas to buy or commit to a Toot, but to get to know the man behind the airplane. Taking a trip 1,100 miles to meet someone that I didn't know that wellwas to say one of those gut check moments. I knew Tommy was a good guy, but I still needed to hang out with him to see what he was all about.

Needless to say Tommy is a standup guy with a sincere desire to make your dreams of flying your homebuilt aircraft come true. Talk to any Toot owner and I'm sure you will only here good things not only about the aircraft, but about how he does business. After two days of hanging out with Tommy and his crew in Dallas, I knew why he was put in front of me at Oshkosh.

Main Reasons for building a "Big Twoot":

1. The "Little Toot" is a proven design. The history behind this aircraft is real and true no fluff here. 30+ Aircraft flying or close to flying.

2. The "Big Twoot" is keeping the family tradition of high quality aircraft design going. The wings are a work of art.

3. Only the best materials are used: and are all "top of the line" items.
Wood, Metal, and Fabric...A complete education in aircraft building.

4. It looks like an biplane should: Most good/great aircraft have that look about them "good lines" and both the Toot and the Twoot fit the bill.
This is a rock solid aircraft withgreat flying characteristics.

5. Customer Service / Aircraft Support Team: Hands down the best in the homebuilt biplane business. No phone answering systems to navigate here, just a few rings and a real live person to talk too "usually Tommy".

6. Ease of building: Anyone with good skills can build this aircraft. I'm a perfect example as this is my first build, and my previous experience isbuilding RC and plasticaircraft models. More posts to come.

7. Affordability: Granted any project of this magnitude is going to cost you some good money. That said if you look at all the aircraft being offered right now I don't believe you will find one that's built this well for the same price.

8. Keeping the Meyer Aircraftlegacy going: I'm a history geek so owning a bit of aviation history puts the gold seal on this project.

9. The "Twoot" has two seats so I can share my "Toot" with family and friends. That and saying the name makes me smile. This smile thing also happens to pilots when they fly the "Toot".

10. Realize my dream of competing in the IAC regional series aerobatic contests. Secondary goal is to be the "first" Twoot to win a contest.

11. LSA Certification: The "Toot" with a few modifications and tweeks will be LSA certified soon. Think about it a fully aerobatic LSA...that's cool.

So as you can see an amazing journey is beginning with my "Twoot" of which I will be taking another trip to Dallas on January 15, 2009to learn from Tommy how to build my first of many wing ribs.

Take care & Fly Safe!


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