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Making fittings

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Sep 15, 2006
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We did not stay up as late asJohn working on the plane but each spent about 8 hours over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day mostly making more fittings. To date (about 55 hours total)we have about 70 pieces someonly rough cut, some still need bending,and some finished. Wemade a few reject pieces but for the most part, it has gone well. Nearly everything has been made with a portable band saw, a small grinder, a small drill pressand a 4X36 bench belt sander. We have used a 4" disc grinder only for parts that couldn't be finished on thebench sander.That tool was easily worth the70 bucks we spent at HarborFreight many times over.

Our most nagging mistake was not leaving enough excess metal when bending 4130 sheet. I think weare done with those mistakes. We havefinally decidedon the Delta upper wing so we have some 1/8" sheet to bend at 6.5 degrees. We have a fewideasfor jigs to try to make those bends consistenly.

I am sure all of this goes much faster with two ofus working on the project. We justswap jobs of cutting, grinding, sanding and drilling to keep it interesting. Also we have split all of the layout work.I have a funny feeling she will be the better welder since her eyesight is perfect and mine is not the best at that distance. If that holds true I will have to find a way to keep myself busy while she is finish welding the fuselage.

I'll put up a picture or two of the pile of parts soon.

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