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New Acro Sport II builder

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Nov 13, 2007
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I am getting ready to begin the build of my Acro II and have some of the usual questions I expect. I am currently finishing up on a Pietenpol that should take me until late spring. early summer to finish. That experience has taught me a great deal in airplane building. I feel allot better about building the Acro now that I won't be trying everything for the first time. For me the Piet is a tutorial and the Acro II is what I plan to build as a keeper for local, aerobatic and cross country. A canopy is one modification I absolutely plan to make.

Over the last year while building the Piet I have been buying Acro components and storing them away. So far I have plans, nosebowl, all spruce and ply, wingtips, hardware kit etc. and will be headed up to Dillsburg to pick up the tubing sometime in the spring. That pretty much leaves me with incidentals and of course the two biggies of engine and avionics.

As I get closer to building the Acro I am seeking out more community and information and I am amazed at how little I am finding. I have been lurking for months at this board and enjoy what is here but there is certainly less information overall than what I have experienced with the Piet. Is there a mailing list, or some other Acro Sport resource that I might not be aware of? I am fortunate enough that a past Acro II builder/owner has decided to build one at the same time as I do which is going to make a whole lot of things much easier and faster.


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