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Officially almost a builder

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Nov 20, 2006
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I finally decided what I will build. I went ahead and bought plans to the Skyote. Spent at least 5 hours studying them. Felt completely daunted. Realized that I'll need far more than that to get them all figured out. And decided that this project will be a superfun thing to do! And that I'll probably be on the 15 to 20 year building plan, but I'm looking forward building right now even more than flying.

The plans are extremely detailed. As far as I can tell, they call out every fastener. So much information, however, will take me some time to decipher.

I called a local guy who runs TIG welding classes on weekends when he can get a group oftwo or three interested people. Hope to do that soon.

Looking at some of the parts, I have no clue how in the world to make them, so I've got lots and lots of learning to do. Can't wait.

Now if I'd only have hurried up and finished the work on my garage. Hopefully I'll be in a condition to buy the first bits of material within a month or two (garage work preceding).

Then if I could only figure out on what part to start...

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