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Old Girl doing OK

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May 29, 2009
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Springfield, WV
My Acroduster 2's new owner don't talk much, like not at all. Got an e-mail yesterday, wondered if I knew where he might get a front windshield? In passing said he now has 25 hours in her and doing fine although it too cold to fly right now. I delivered it in Dec. of 2020 with 11 hours on the Frankengine so I was happy to hear it was ok for sure. I have a couple old windshields but forget which one I had put on the Dusters front pit. With both a single and 2-place canopy that had been on both airplanes and several other windshields that I tried on both trying to get them right, the sheet metal on both looked like swiss cheese..... Anyway, I only had the front pit opened with windshield for 2 flights. With 2 people on hot day with 160 ponies the IO320B1A didn't cut it in IMHOP. His original intent was a bigger engine so I don't know? Anyway it is his now and he's doing well. I'm happy for both him and her. I think the right front screen went with the tu-holer? If I still have something that will work I'll give it to him.......IF he can afford the shipping.


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