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Pitts S2B Propeller wanted

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Apr 2, 2024
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South Africa
I have just joined this forum and I am looking for a 2 blade Hartzell propeller for a Pitts S2B. It is a Hartzell HC-C2YR-4CF with FC 8477A-4 blades. I have 4 S2B's that are sponsored by Goodyear Aviation Tires here in South Africa, and one of the Pitts, a 1990 model serial # 5206 has about 150 hrs. remaining on the propeller before it reaches 2000 hrs., which is the life of this propeller model. A new one is a bit out of my reach with the present exchange rate of the South African Rand, so I am looking for one that has less that a 1000 hrs. on it. The Civil Aviation Authority in this country sticks rigidly to all Hartzell bulletins and the propeller had to be overhauled every 6 years or 1000 hrs., and has to be replaced at 2000 hrs.
I saw that many S2B owners are moving to the MT 3 blade propeller, and hopefully there may be a 2 bladed one available for me.
I have been a Pitts owner since 1985, with a S2A, and over the years have moved to the 4 S2B's for the aerobatic team.
I am an airline Captain and an AMP and have been playing with Pitts for the last 39 years. The first S2B I bought through Pompano Air Center in 1990 and ferried it from the factory in Afton WY to Pompano Beach FL.

This is a great site, and I hope to hear from other Pitts owners.

Take care.

Dennis Spence


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