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Practical Pitts

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Jul 24, 2009
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I am admittedly a low time tail wheel pilot that wants a Pitts. Looking at a S1C in Texas in the low 20's. All of my TW time is in Super Decathlon (SD) with the exception of 1 hour duel in a S2B. I intend approx 5 hour additional duel in the S2 if I purchase the S1.
I do not intend to compete (thats what they say) looking for a "fun plane" have a baron for cross country. Considering the S1 or a SD. Most of my friends are pushing me towards the SD, I want the Pitts. Do the S1 drivers enjoy just flying? How is it for straight and level? The plane I'm looking at does NOT have a locking TW. I will be flying off of grass.
I know this seems all a bit convoluted, just looking for some basic advice.


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