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Rod gear / RV or Harmon rocket for Skybolt

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Oct 5, 2007
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Hi there guys,

New to posting on the forum but have been watching for a couple of months.

I'm just toying with the idea of building a Skybolt but would like to spend a little time and optimise the aircraft for competition aero's without wrecking the good qualities of the aircraft too much.

After seeing the discussion on rod gear (RV gear) for the Pitts, has anyone done or thought of doing the same to the Skybolt. Perhaps using the gear for a Harmon Rocket as the gross weight is similar.

I hope I'm not going to upset anyone by messing with the classic lines of the Bolt but was also thinking of a few other things.
Perhaps squared of fin and rudder, clipped wings, slightly increased aileron span.

What does everyone think? has it been done before? any foreseen problems?

Just some thoughts.

By the way, really want a Radial powered machine if at all possible.

Someone is bound to tell me to just buy/build a Pitts 12, I guess I could (still quite on the cards) but the idea of the Skybolt seems pretty good also (plus I might have a fuse and a fair bit of materials available).

Look forward to everyones thoughts.


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