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Runway numbering

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Joe O

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Aug 31, 2008
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Occasionally someone will refer to a runway as 02,05,09,etc,andsometimes you see pictures of fields marked as such.I had a flight instructor announce runway zero five for landing,while the runway was clearly marked 5.While military airports do mark with a "0" before a single number,for all civil airports,it is only the whole number that is designated and spoken.No zeros except runways 10,20,and 30.Notice how they shy away from thoes numbers.Many airport managers are delinquent in changing due to deviation.Since all runways are orientated to magnetic (nearest 10 degrees),a runway set up at 226 degrees would be 23/5.A few years later ,with deviation it may be 224 deg,and should be changed to 22/4.This is seldom done,unless some inspector hounds them.
Check the AIM an inst plates to see just how many airports need the runway number changed.Don't know how so many Civil pilots got caught up in the zero number add,before the number.

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