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S1 Prop

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Aug 18, 2006
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I have the opportunity to get hold of a new Colin Walker prop that was made for an S1. 3 Blades, fixed pitch, wooden. Not sure what the diameter and pitch are (72" and 76 degrees, or vice versa)?

The other option is a Twisted Composite from Steve Hill.

I'm not looking at any others to be honest, don't have stomach to budget these $10k-$20k props just yet (Whirlwind, MT, Hartzwell) etc.

I'm trying to find more info on the Colin Walker prop, since the 3 blade fixed pitch is mighty interesting (love the look). I had previously only considered 2 blades, since I had presumed all three blade props were constant speed.

Anyone have info/comments on this prop (incl confirming pitch/diam for the S1)


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