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SA-100 and V-Star

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Feb 28, 2019
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Richland, WA
Back story...I'm looking for a plane I can work on while flying my Cassutt as is. It is ok, but my sights are at Reno, so I really need to do some aerodynamic work. Another reason would be to somewhat keep up with my buddies with much faster airplanes so we can formation and they not be at the lower end of their flight envelop and I am at the top of mine.

I had the opportunity to look at two projects for sale this weekend. One is a Starduster and the other a V-Star. Both are well done as far as the bones, but each has quite a bit of work yet to go in different ways. The V-Star has no engine but a conical Lycoming mount. The Starduster has an O-290G installed that has not run for a few years. Both are in dry climates. What I would like to do is finish a plane, put the O-200 out of the Cassutt into it, because I know it, and continue to enjoy flying while I tweak the Cassutt. Ultimately I would like to build another O-200 when the Cassutt is ready.

I think I know what I am going to hear, but I'll ask, since there were Pitts S-1's in the early days with the Continentals. Would the SA-100 work with an O-200, or will it be such a minimal plane I would be unhappy with? I know the V-Star will. I'm trying to talk myself into what to get. The other side is I'm not looking to do hard core acro. I've played with the idea of getting another Cassutt and doing the same, but since working on the Starduster Too project we're doing, I kinda fell in love, you know.


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