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Sizing 6AL-4V alloy Titanium fuel tank straps on the Pitts

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Feb 9, 2015
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San Mateo, CA
Buying metal today....aluminum for the instrument and side panels, titanium for the firewall and fuel tank straps. I know what I want in material for the firewall, instrument panel, and sidewalls, but for the fuel tank straps I'm not so sure. The Pitts plans call for 1" x 0.050" 4130 steel. If I substitute titanium 6AL-4V for the 4130, how much I can size down the TI strap to get the same strength as the 4130 strap?

Warning, political scientist doing math here, but hopefully there's somebody around to reality check it...

4130 has a yield strength of about 63,000 psi. 6AL-4V is 128,000 psi, or about double. Does that mean I can reduce the cross section of the TI strap in half and get similar breaking strength? Use 1" x 0.025" TI strap? Maybe sized up to 0.32" for some margin?

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