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SPOT optin for ELT?

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Guido Lepore

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Jul 2, 2007
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I'm trying out one of those new Spot Messengers for flight following/elt purposes.

Transmits via satellite four possible messages which all include theGPS location:
911. Calls the cavalry. Message goes to a coordination center and the appropriate authority is called out (Coast Guard, State Patrol, Consulate, etc)

Help. Sends a help message to the recipients specified by email.

OK. Sends a "I'M OK" message to the recipients specified by email. Handy for those airstrips that never seem to have cel phone signal where you wait out a CB line

Progress Tracking. Automatically sends a message every 10 minutes giving your GPS location to your selected recipients.

All these email messages have a link to Google-maps so that your flight followers can see exactly (within 50ft) where you are, and see the trail of breadcrumbs you are leaving behind.

Currently there is a submission from the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association to Transport Canada to allow this like technology to sub for an ELT.

Anybody else trying these?


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