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spruce sources

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Jan 3, 2007
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I came across some new suggestions for aircraft quality spruce. This is off a thread at the Stearman site...i dont have personal experience with these companies...but looks worth having a look at.


and also

CFM Specialty Mill,
(Richard Walton, Head Sawyer & Specialties Grader)
P. O. Box 161,
British Columbia, V0R 1K0
Tel: +1 250 951 3188
Fax: +1 250 951 3138
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
(Company includes former R.A.W. Resources. Supplies aircraft quality wood (sitka spruce, etc.) Products are graded to US Mil-S-6073 as well as UK CAA standards. Wood is tested to ANC-18, ANC-19 and various pre war regulations issued by NACA and military authorities. Exports aircraft graded wood to many countries. Long delivery times but untarnished quality record

Western Aircraft Supplies... up in BC too.

Western Aircraft Supplies Ltd.
P.O. Box 79
Slocan, BC
V0G 2C0
Phone: (250) 355-0003
GPS: North: 49.762° West: 117.465°<!--
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Talked to the owner, Marc... he knows his stuff. Real nice guy too.
It's owned by him and his wife. Bought it off a guy that started it up in 1968 and wanted to retire.

It'swhere I'll be getting my doug fir spars.

They don't ship out an order until they're happy with the cut. He told me he once cut eight spars before he was happy with sending out a set to this one builder.

He supplies most of the guys building Falco's with their wood. Falco = VERY nice, all wood sports plane.

How does this look?



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