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Steel welding table/workbench

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Nov 20, 2006
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So I feel pretty good working with metal. Never really did any work with wood. The plane I'm setting up to build, the Skyote, is practically all metal (although that's not the main reason I chose it). And now I'm planning to build the workbenches/welding tables.

Is it a crazy idea to weld up a steel one? I'd get to practice welding on a cool project. Would it be more or less useful than the typical wood table?

My plan is to buy the Cartesian CNCtubing kit, so I'll be assembling the tubes in 3D. Does this affect things? Would steel table help or hinder with this, or when building the fouraluminum wings?

No idea about costs, except that I was recently surprised with the cost of wood. I thought of shopping around the local surplusplace for good pieces of steel, but maybe I'd be better off just buying new metal.

If the consensus is that the large steeltables are a bad idea, how aboutwelding up an open table from which to jig the pre-cut 3D fuselage, which doesn't have a flat top, bottom, or side anyway, andso I can stand in the middle as necessary?

What about a small welding table on the side for brackets or empenage parts, or to use as a workbench?

So,foolish idea? Does it have merit? Would I have to put some wood under the tabletop in case I want to bang on it?

PS. I use the clapping icon because it looks like a smiley face welding to me.

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