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Sep 13, 2006
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Went there on Saturday. Arrived early so I could snoop around without being hounded by other onlookers.

Things I learned:

A) Never go on Saturday. Too many general public non-flyinggawkers, too crowded.

B) Never eat the foot long corndogs.

C) Make sure that the workmanship on my plane is the best that can be.

I was looking around at planes and came across a Skybolt. I won't say where it was parked because it would give away which one it is and I don't want to embarrass any one with what I am about to say.

This airplane was the perfect example of shoddy workmanship. The paint finish was poor, there was poorly constructed fairings on it that still showed the texture of fiberglass cloth, welds that were visible were poorly done, and it looked like it had never seen a bath. This builder used fiberglass cloth soaked in resin and draped it around the bottom of the I-strut to cover the gaps, then never even sanded the cloth down to finish it....he just painted over it.

Basically, seeing the workmanship on the outside made it clear what was on the inside. I wouldn't even want to get in this thing.

Thisairplane was a real eye opener. I have heard of experienced builders talk about workmanship, but until seeing this tub I never knew how bad it could be. I'm glad I saw it....now I knowthe difference.

I also gained some valuable insight into some things I am working on that will help me build a better airplane.I only spent about 6 hours there, but got a wealth of information.

Now I have to add a giant kudos to the gentleman in the skills workshops. I went over there early int he morning and walked in and said to a man there, "Can you teach a feller how to rivet?"..........the next hour and a half was some of the best quality time I have ever spent at an airshow. The man's patience and knowledge were astounding. I'm glad I went.

Overall, a great trip.

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