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surface rust!!!

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Jan 17, 2007
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So I made the first of several several several mistakes buiding this thing.
To get some more room in the garage I took my project fuse to the hanger......

Well I went to look at it the other day and its full of rust. Now it did have some oil on it. (NOT ENOUGH!!!)

So how much surface rust is to much??? How do you know when it has started to do real damage.

Most of the rust can be wiped off right now but i need to know how to protect so it will not get any worse. What type of oil should i put on it?? Can I just wipe it on?? I know priming it is the best answer but it is fully assembled (engine gear and some sheet metal) so I really cant tear it down to paint it until spring.

Thinking about moving to texas when winter is only a week long



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