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Tall Pilot

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May 20, 2009
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Hi all,

I'm new here, but I've been monitoring the forums for a while. I'm a student pilot, completed the GFPT and about to start navs. I have a question; I would dearly like to own a Pitts S1S one day, but I have one concern - I'm 191 cm (6'4") tall and I'm not sure whether I'll fit in one. I have flown both the Pitts S2A and S2C from the front seat and found the accommodation tight, but bearable for a 30 - 45 minute aerobatic sortie. I should add I wasn't wearing a parachute (they're not a requirement in Australia). How does the cockpit of the S1S compare? Are there any six-foot-something Pitts pilots out there? Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to shell out for a Pitts only to find I can't get in it!
Thanks in advance, Adrian.

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