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Taps, Dies and Reamers


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Jun 6, 2012
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Established in 1918, Taylor Tool is a leading innovator in the manufacture of special taps, reamers and dies. Taylor Tool provides fast on time shipments to a wide spectrum of customers from the smallest job shops, to the largest industrial manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and power generation. Excellent product quality and overall customer satisfaction are the core components of Taylor Tool’s commitment to the global market place.

Special Taps

Size and Pitch of Thread
Class of Fit or Gauge Tolerances
Right or Left Hand
Thread Form
Lead - Single, Double etc.
Type of Material to be threaded - Grade, hardness and machining properties are all helpful
Type of hole to be threaded - Thru or Blind, if blind advise amount of clearance at bottom of hole
Depth of hole to be threaded, indicate any reach if applicable
Will Machine or Fixture affect the length of tap(s)
Will tap pass through or back out
Other features required: keyways, threaded shanks, oil holes, stepped shanks, hex drives etc.
Submit drawings or prints if possible
Coatings required: TiN, CrN, TiCN, Nitride, Steam Oxide etc.

Special Dies

Size and Pitch of Thread
Class of Fit or Gauge Tolerances
Right or Left Hand
Thread Form
Lead - Single, Double etc.
Material to be threaded
Cutting New Threads or Rethreading existing threads
Outside diameter & thickness of die
Length of part to thread
Special features which might affect die
Drawing of part or dies if possible

Special Reamers

Diameter of Reamer
Number of Flutes
Length of Cut/Flute Length
Straight or Spiral Flute - indicate Right or Left Hand Spiral
Steps or Multiple diameters
Type of shank - Straight or Taper, indicate any special features
Tapered diameters - Large and Small End diameters and length of flute, degree of taper
Chamfer Angle and Length

Please visit our website www.taylortool.com or call us toll free at 1-855-221-8277

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