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Tool Lending Library

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Aug 18, 2006
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The Short Wing Piper Club has a lending library of tools such as bungee installers, etc. that it's members can check out and return only paying for the shipping both ways.

As builders, we often face the need for specialized tools for single-use operations. I wonder if such a lending library could be developed among forum members to use tools, portable jigs, etc. that we have found handy, but are not presently being used? Instead of everyone buying a digital level and angle finder (as an example) when it comes time to rig their planes, one could be offered to the library for member use. There would be time limits and the requirement of proper care and to return in working order, butI think we could save a vast amount of money that could be used for better things than buying a tool only used once.

Waddya think?

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