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welding question

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Sep 15, 2006
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Below are pictures of the cabane attachment for the Delta 3-pc wing. The brackets shown are 1/8" 4130 with a bend at the line to point toward the opposite end of the cabane tubes. In the second picture you can see a 1/16" plate that welds to the back side very much like the flying wire attachments at the forward landing gear attachment. The actual plate is not bent at a sharp bend as shown but with a proper radius shown on the CAD drawings.
With prior research I discovered that you are supposed to heat bend both plates in the landing gear mount. I found a description in Series 1 vol 1 of the Skybolt Newsletters and the construction photos on the Steen site back this up.
My question is do I have the same situation here? Should the larger plate be cut, shaped and attached, heat bent to the side tubes, welded completely all around the edges like a finger gusset, then the second plate the same treatment?
I figure the Acrodusters and Stardusters probably have a similar attachment so someone on here should know for sure.





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