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  1. Cardflyboy

    Pitts S-2B for sale.

    N50AL Iconic Pitts for sale with a cool history and it’s been very well taken care of and flown regularly in its life at a well known aviation safety academy in California. This airplane was owned by the most famous Pitts pilot in the world. Pretty cool how many people have done acro or upset...
  2. normB

    Pitts s1 header tank vent line size

    Hi all, I'm building a Pitts S1ss and would love to get your comments on what size vent line is appropriate for the header tank - main tank interconnect. I did some tests to give an idea of relative performances between two tube sizes, 1/4" or 3/8". I assume that the aim is to support a good...
  3. Mike_H

    Toe-In - How much is to much?

    Full disclaimer, this would be easy to answer on my own BUT this pitts has only been flown off of grass it's whole life and I want to mitigate any unnecessary challenges for my first venture onto pavement. It's hard to tell how much the grass covers up any undesirable characteristics, but so...
  4. PMcGuire

    Polytone on Aluminum

    I am getting ready for some paint on my Pitts. I read the polyfibre manual, and it states that Polytone can be used, with a dry primer coat and a light wet primer dusting as the base. Does anyone have experience using this method? How well did the polytone hold up to the abuse of flying and...
  5. P

    Nova Specialties Smoke Oil

    Anyone has used Nova Specialties smoke oil in their planes? Any issues with the colored smoke oil? Just want to use it once for a gender reveal and want to know if it would stain the belly after using it once? And if yes, can I clean it off with degreaser/diesel perhaps?
  6. P

    Pitts- S2C Colored Smoke

    So folks new to this forum, going to be a Dad soon and wanted to do a gender reveal event for friends and family in my S2C. I have some Aeroshell white smoke oil. 1- can I mix a dye color in it? If yes where do I get it and how do I do it? 2- does anyone sell the 5 gal colored smoke oil? 3-...
  7. Mike_H

    WWYD: Pitts S-1S 150HP Vs. Ultimate 10-200 IO-360 Whirlwind

    What would you do? I've been working on the Pitts for nearly a year now and has been a flying project for 3 months of that but can finally see the finish line. Fresh mags, new inverted, new sparcraft wings, new bungees, new canopy, new smoke, ADSB, etc. you name it. But, at the end of the day...
  8. billledger1

    Seat pack parachute needed

    NEED HELP! Does anyone have a seat pack parachute for sale? My back pack parachute does not work for me in my new Starduster Too. Thanks in advance ~Bill
  9. Mike_H

    Pitts Open Cockpit to Canopy Conversion

    Kicking around ideas and trying to see if it would be feasible to add a bubble and rails to an existing open cockpit configuration? It would be nice to have the option to easily convert to OC in the summer so keeping the existing windscreen would be ideal. The challenge would be cutting the...
  10. Mike_H

    Pitts S-1S N292Y Rebuild Complete!

    Pitts S-1S N292Y had its first flight after a 6-month rebuild on 9/14/22! I picked up this project in Tennessee back in February after it had sat in the back of a hangar for several years. My wife was 5 months pregnant at the time, and I somehow managed to get her support for the need to...
  11. Mike_H

    Flight Data System T-30 Digital Tach - New In Box

    Cleaning out the hangar and have a spare T-30 Digital Tachometer (and built in hour meter, flight timer, functions. ) from Flight Data Systems. Brand new in box, never installed. For $150 I will throw in free shipping Link to spruce...
  12. gun986

    S2B Engine Monitor

    Hi All, I just purchased a S2B & it appears that the CHT/EGT gauge isn't working very well. I was thinking of upgrading this to a full engine monitor with 6 CHT/EGT's. Has anyone done this recently and/or have any recommendations? Thanks in advance! Gunnar
  13. R

    Pitts Model 12 Project for Sale

    It's time for us to part with Dad's beloved Pitts Model 12 project. Spend less time building and more time flying! Wings pre-rigged and ready for covering/paint. New Russian M-14P engine modified with BPE high compression pistons, fuel injection, electronic ignition, MT propeller. $122,000 •...