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1000 pictures

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Aug 15, 2006
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Nashville, Michigan
While the rest of us are setting at our computers discussing how-to or how-not to do things we have a member in Spain who is spending his time in the shop and doing it. I am not really sure how he is doing it as every picture he is in he is just standing there with his arms folded :)) Manuel Benito is building an A-1 beautiful SkyBolt. He has completed the fuselage, landing gear, tail feathers, trim tabs and linkage, cabanes, formers, all the sheet metal, turtledeck, tilt-up canopy, fuel and smoke tanks and all the control linkage. And, like a true homebuilder, he has built everything himself !! He has sent me a CD with 1000 pictures showing how he did everything including a few mod's like bearings in the control linkage and at the elevator control arm.
Many of these pictures will find there way into the builders manual but for those of you who are doing any of the above right now and would like some ideas immediately please email me at [email protected] with requests for specific areas and I will send you pictures.
I don't want to use up to much space on the forum for individual picture requests thats why I ask you to contact me direct. If I start getting multiple requests for the same information I will post it here for everyone. The pictures are sorta random on the CD so give me a little time to hunt for them.
I am also emailing him next to see if he will do a little write-up on how he constructed the fuel/smoke tanks.
He may regret sending me the photo's when he has to start answering questions instead of building but he is doing such fine work :))

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