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2006 accomplishments

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Aug 15, 2006
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Nashville, Michigan
Well the Holidays are over, hope everyone had a merry one. But, vacation is over it's time to get back to your keyboard :))
I know from watching engine forums etc. that there is always a lot more activity going on behind the scenes than ever reaches my computer screen. I am always surprised when someone submits a blurb like, "well, I flew my rotary powered ??? yesterday for the first time." We never knew the guy existed until that moment.
What I would really like to see from everyone is a short blurb on what was accomplished on your plane in 2006. Even if it was only buying the plans and looking them over, Or, are you going to buy the plans in 2007, or build your work shop addition, or get the kids through college so you have some airplane $$$. I would like to get a good feel for how many planes are actually being constructed and how many of you are actually using any part of the new builders manual or information gleaned from this site in general. I won't bother you for any more information for the rest of the year but - I will be saving your "plans" and when Jan. 2, 2008 arrives I will be asking for another progress report.
We have 100 members so I am expecting 100 replies. All replies are accepted from. "I am just a lurker here wondering if I could actually build a plane" to "I fired up my 3000 hp twin engine SkyBolt yesterday and tore the tail wheel off". All 100 of us fall within these two answers. Anyone not answering will be asked to stand and explain why they did not !

I will go first: "
I bought a partially completed Acro Sport 1 in 2005. The fuselage is complete although I have to modify the landing gear. The wings are complete, ailerons are next. I have accomplished very little on the plane this year as the SkyBolt construction manual has taken most of my spare time. I have spent time working on converting the rotary engine mostly in intake and exhaust layout and radiator placements."

See, not so hard - next?

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