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2xs or 20-300


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Nov 10, 2012
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Sanford, NC
So many people here seem to have more knowledge than I can even Google. So I’ve been wanting to build a biplane for a while now and think I’m narrowing down to these two. I’d like a Pitts but if I’m going to spend years building I’d like to be able to share the fun. I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with Chris at Griggs and almost pulled the trigger on an S1 rib kit to get the ball rolling but can’t shake the feeling I would regret not having the second seat.

I spoke to Will at Raven and the revised plans for the 2XS aren’t ready yet and didn’t give any indication when they would be as they were in the middle of a relocation.

Devin is ready and willing to sell plans for the 20-300. I never liked them as a model airplane growing up but it’s uniqueness has grown on me. I’m not a fan of needing spades on the ailerons and rudder but I suppose that’s a minor nit.

I like the Raven because it is pretty much a Pitts copy and I’ve been in an S2C and liked it. Never seen a 20-300 in person. The Skybolt is another contender but I want something a little more sporty even though I really like the vast support from Steen in the form of wing kits, jigs, etc should I choose not to fabricate ever single component. Not looking to be a serious Acro competitor, mostly just a fun having toy.

All that said, any convincing arguments on choosing one or the other? I imagine price will be similar. Similar cockpit room, maybe better vis in the Ultimate. Devin offers lots of components but didn’t mention anything about wing kits.

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