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Acrosport - Looking

Major Tom

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Dec 27, 2008
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Hello Gentlemen (And Ladies),
I just signed up on this forum and must say I've enjoyed the many helpful comments and friendly exchanges. This forum is a keeper.

Introductions. I'm in the market for a Super Acro Sport though I've considered the Pitts S1S. I'd say my interest is "Sport to Intermediate" acro just for the fun of it. I've never flown a Pitts but have time in the Christian Eagle, Starduster and others totaling about 600 hrs tail dragger time. I had a Glasair II taildragger and my wife wanted nothing to do with flying in it. Seems it just would not stay straight and level?? Or maybe my will power was just low :) We have a Navion RangeMaster which we both love. Me because its a great cross country airplane and her because a wing over is an emergency procedure!

Question:In respect to the AS 1, what are key areas to check for?

I do want good vertical so feel 180-200 H.P is a good choice?

As for empty weight what is considered a heavy verse light empty weight?
The airplane I've checked out are in the 900#-930# range but I read in here 800# though the subject was LSA?

Seeing I have no manual could someone please tell me what the operating G envelope is?

Sorry if this was long winded? Look forward to the responses and friendships,


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