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Aileron horns

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Aug 15, 2006
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Nashville, Michigan
A couple of months ago we had a lengthy discussion on the forming of the 1/4" thick 2024T3 aluminum aileron horns. It included normalizing, reheat treating, bending radius etc. etc. I did not get very involved as I thought I would know more after I tried it.
These parts are still required on the Acro Sport but the SkyBolt has modified them into steel fittings. The steel is actually harder to make and does not look as nice.
At 1;30 yesterday I sat down at the computer to draw the full size patterns. At 5 pm the 4 parts were done and all the tooling marks were emery papered out. It was really quite easy and did not involve any heat what so ever.
If anyone is interested on how I did this please PM me and I will set up a PDF with pictures. Also, if anyone would like to see it as an alternative in the construction manual I will include it.

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